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“Old Wives Tales” of Weather Forecasting: How to Forecast the Weather Like it’s 1492

Wow! My toe is twitching…rain must be coming. This is just an idea of how back in the day our ancestors were able to predict the weather that was coming. I just love sitting around with an elderly person and listening to how things were back then and how they still believe in the old family ways over new modern technology. Hundreds of years ago, people really had to depend on their surrounds to help predict the weather. They watched everything around them, from the sky to the earth, and how the animals were acting. Red Sky at Morning The oldest known wives tale is: “Red sky at morning, sailors...
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Window A/C Units vs. Central Air Units: Put the Smack Down on Cooling Costs

To cool a room or to cool a whole house? That is the question… Okay, so on to the answer or to just making more questions. There is no right or wrong answer in this situation. It really depends on what you want or need. For example, window units are great for apartment living or if your budget just does not allow for a central unit. They are also a good solution for cooler climates where air conditioning is not a necessity during the summer. On the other hand, central air units are perfect for hot climates where temperatures soar during the summer months, and they also provide a better solution for...
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Pet Emergency Preparedness Plan

Having lived in the South my entire life, you still never get used to Hurricane Season. I still, to this day, act like a child and get anxious and nervous when one is heading my direction. Hurricane Season runs every year from June 1st – Nov. 30th, but we have had hurricanes and tropical storms outside of this time frame. Pet’s safety is a very common issue during a hurricane. People who do not prepare for their pets safety beforehand unfortunately have to leave them behind to fend for themselves and hope they survive. Evacuation shelters generally do not accept pets, except...
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Best Dog Breeds for a Family

The Addition of a pet can be so exciting, especially when children are involved. The decision to purchase a pet or adopt one is a very big responsibility. Your new pet has to have a lot of love and attention. They need to be bathed and groomed, have daily exercise, and be fed on a regular schedule. Discuss with your family the size pet that you think would fit in well with you lifestyle. When you have decided what kind of pet you would like to have, it is very important to do some research about that pet. One thing to keep in mind when you have narrowed down your decision is to only buy from a...
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5 Oddest Pets Owned by Celebrities

Animals have been around since the beginning of time. A pet brings comfort and companionship to you or your family. Some like small animals while others like very large animals. I tend to have a love for animals in the dog and cat species. I have come across some Celebrities that love animals also but who tend to have a love for the exotic and different species. Let’s start off with Vanilla Ice…“Ice Ice Baby.” Yes, I know that’s corny, but every time I say his name I have to say “Ice Ice Baby” (lol). He is the proud owner of a Wallaroo, which is a cross between a wallaby and a...
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