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Tips on Tasty Tomatoes

Now that summer is winding down, most of you have enjoyed the fruits of your gardening labor. Or, if you’re like me and got a late start, then you’re still waiting. It’s never too early to be thinking about next year’s garden and things you can do differently, especially if you want the earliest and sweetest tomato plants on the block. Start early with some growing tips to ensure your bragging rights for next year. Don’t crowd seedlings. Seedlings need room to branch out, so if you are starting tomatoes from seed, you need to give them plenty of room to grow and to be sure not to crowd them....
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5 Plants that will Kill You

Have you ever stopped to wonder while in your yard or garden at which plants may actually be deadly to you? I know I haven’t, but after doing a little research I have to say, I am a bit surprised, and you may be as well. Castor Bean Who would have thought the very plant that was spoon-fed to children could have such a deadly ingredient. And to be among the group of plants that made the list of most deadly plant poison. One oh so small castor bean is capable of killing an adult within minutes. These plants are particularly grown in California, but can be found all over. Rosary Pea Next on the list...
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Unknown Remedies for Dying Plants

Well, unfortunately, sometimes there is just no helping some dying plants. As I have learned from experience, the one most important chore to remember is to water—but not overwater—your plants. Most people will forget about their plants after a week or so, only to return to find droopy leaves and dry soil. If you catch it in time, there may be help for your plant if it is not dead already. When trying to revive a dying plant, the first step is to try and discover why the plant is dying so that you can heal it properly. The problem may be attributed to several different causes. Some common causes...
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Best Plants to Grow Indoors

  Best Indoor House Plants   The best indoor house plants are those that are clearly visible and have a nice, radiant color that adds to the flavor and beauty of any room. Although house plants are extremely decorative, there are some factors which need to be considered when raising house plants. Some factors would be the temperature in your home, the amount of light the plant receives, and the soil housing the plant. Most house plants tolerate normal temperatures. In general, indoor foliage plants grow best between 70°F and 80°F during the day, which is what...
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Air Cleaning Plants

Nature’s remedies are sometimes the best…and the cheapest! Even if you have asthma or allergies, just having an ordinary houseplant can help. It’s true. Many houseplants naturally remove airborne pollutants like formaldehyde, VOCs, mold, airborne microbes, and gases. These pollutants are commonly found indoors, and they can be harmful to your health. Who would have thought that a pretty houseplant could actually be cleaning the air? I know I wouldn’t have. Houseplants add charm and color to your room; they are basically inexpensive and easy to maintain, and they keep your room alive, refreshed,...
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