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Beautiful Kitchen Designs for 2012

Thinking about designing a kitchen this year? Maybe you are building a new house or maybe you are just tired of the old and drab. Whichever, kitchen designs go way beyond just what’s on the table, and designing—or redesigning—your kitchen can be as easy as 1-2-3. You don’t even have to hire a designer; all it takes is some ingenuity, imagination, and creativity.

If you have no kitchen ideas and you wish to have the hottest kitchen this year, here are some ideas on how to make that come true.

A simple, yet bold way to give your kitchen a bang is with a beautiful color palette. Paint can bring a new look to your kitchen with just the swipe of a brush. Not only does it give your kitchen color, but it brings personality and attention that wows.

Use a color wheel to select paints that draw your interest. Go courageous with colors and select different styles, accents, and accessories to match. Bring out a piece of you, something that will wow your guests but make you feel at home.


Probably the best way to make the best use of your space but to also bring huge attention to your kitchen is with cabinets. Cabinets give your kitchen atmosphere—whether it’s cozy cottage, abstract contemporary, or realistic traditional—and they can really create the mood you want.

Here is an HGTV video on some simple and easy ways to make design changes with your kitchen cabinets:

Kitchen designs are all about cuts, solid materials and strong colors; also, some of the best ideas are all about solid wood cabinets that have simple designs and that are well-built and defined. Kitchen designs are clean and very simple. In modern designs, the dishwasher and the refrigerator are hidden under panels that match the rest of the cabinets.


Here is where you really begin to bring out “you.” You can have a beautiful, bright kitchen with specially designed and crafted cabinetry, but without accessories, even the most beautifully designed kitchen can still be bland. Think about these items when accessorizing your kitchen:

Display dinnerware.

Table linens can bring out color in your kitchen and give your cooking zone a cozy feel.

Vases are popular in any room of the house.

Don’t forget a splash of art!

Use fresh fruits and veggies for displays; it might even inspire those around the house to take a healthy snack.

Add vintage signs, chair covers, wall décor, and anything else that expresses you and adds to your kitchen’s atmosphere.

Here are 6 designs that you are sure to love to have in your house:

#6 Strong Contrast Kitchen

Be bold! Don’t be afraid to bring attention to your kitchen with bold bright colors. The atmosphere of this strong contrast kitchen immediately brings mouth-watering images of cold cubed cantaloupe and watermelon…the perfect atmosphere for feeding appetites!

#5 Bright White Kitchens

Crisp and clean…that’s the idea surrounding this beautiful kitchen design. Everybody should wish to eat healthy, and this room gives the atmosphere of eating healthy and keeping clean. This kitchen is open and bright, giving great lighting and ample space for creating delectable treats.

#4 Green Kitchen Design

Key lime pie…one can almost taste it looking at this kitchen! Not only is it bright and bold, but it is also simple and full of character. The colors and accents (check out the adorable light fixture) all come together to create a creative cooking atmosphere.

#3 Wood Kitchen Design

Traditional and lovely, this kitchen is full with cabinet space and has lovely décor throughout the entire room. This kitchen looks realistic and useable yet beautiful and full of character. This would be an excellent way to design your kitchen this year.

#2 New Age Retro Design

If you’re looking for something new and wowing, then this is the kitchen for you! The dark colors and subtle stainless steel create a clean kitchen with slick retro style. Background lighting creates a calm atmosphere that makes this kitchen space seem like your own personal getaway.

#1 Eco Kitchen Designs

Make every use of your money by creating a kitchen environment that is environmentally friendly. Natural light cuts down on electricity costs, and using eco friendly substances in your designs is a great way to add back to your environment.

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