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You awaken to strange sounds during the night, with voices coming from the hall. Then you remember you are home alone.

Doors open and close on their own. You are all alone but you feel as though something is there with you.
You turn on the lights to find shelter from the presence of darkness. Still, you feel as though something is standing behind you, breathing a foul stench of death and disease. The hairs on your neck raise as the fear grows.

You tell yourself, you are nuts; there isn’t really anything in the house with you, just a playful imagination running wild. You lay back down and try to go to sleep. You peek with one eye just to make sure everything is safe, then you see the shadowy figure move across your room.

You shriek in terror! Your body begins to shake uncontrollably as the shadowy figure fades into the darkness. You curl up in a ball, trying to escape the fear, knowing that at any moment the figure may return to get you.
You see it again. This time it’s creeping slowly towards you, preying on your fear. As it drifts onto your bed and over your sheets like a faint mist, you realize your fears were justified. The evil fog enters in through your nose and takes control of your body, and you are rendered helpless to fight.


This scenario takes place in countless homes every night, including yours. Dust, pet dander, outdoor and indoor allergens, mold and other particles haunt many homes and offices. We breathe these particles every day, and the only way to fight off these unseen ghosts is to make sure you have properly maintained air filters in your home.

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Now, you can sleep better at night knowing you have fought off the Ghosts in your air. However, we cannot help with the Ghosts that talk and slam doors.


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