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Boost Your Bath with Water Filters!

Blah Bath?

Maybe you have been needing a little more from your bath, but you do not know what it is. This happens a lot. Perhaps your skin feels dry or your hair is limp. Maybe you are not getting the best results shaving. Even the thought of brushing your teeth is repulsing because your water has “that smell.” The problem could be your water. In fact, if you are experiencing any of the following problems, you can most likely blame your water:

  • Dry/rough skin
  • Dry/flat hair
  • Bad odors, such as a strong chlorine smell
  • Hard water buildup in showers or sinks
  • Bad taste of water

These conditions are characteristic of hard water, or water that is high in chemicals, minerals, sediment, etc. Though hard water is not necessarily harmful for you, it can have bad tastes and odors, and showering in hard water can cause your skin and hair to look and feel unhealthy.


Water that is high in chemicals can be unhealthy for you in large amounts. Those long, relaxing showers may not be as comforting as you thought. Water that is high in chlorine, for example, can actually be harmful when brought to high temperatures and breathed through steam, and being exposed to this day after day can have a negative effect on your health. City water is treated with chemicals, usually chlorine, and though not necessarily bad for you, chlorinated water does leave your hair and skin looking and feeling dull.


Minerals are generally good for you, but large amounts of minerals in water can have negative results, especially if water contains hard minerals. For example, large amounts of calcium or lime can cause build-ups in your pipes, which can mean frequent replacements (and replacement costs). Also, minerals cause those hard water spots and build-ups in showers and tubs, which means more frequent, as well as more strenuous, cleanings.


Sediment is more frequently found in houses that use well water, especially after a heavy rain. Sediments like dirt, sand, and silt can find their way into your water, and nobody wants to use water filled with these contaminants.

Water Filters

What can be done about the water problem? Well, one of the best ways to get better water and to boost your bath is with water filters. Water filters trap chemicals, minerals, and sediments found in tap water, creating cleaner, softer water and a more luxurious bathing experience.

Here at Filters-NOW, we offer several good water filters designed to provide consumers with a healthier, more comfortable bath characterized by clean, pure water. Here are some of our suggestions:

Undersink Filters

Undersink filters are designed to attach directly to the water supply, filtering water before it goes through the faucet. This is perfect if you want cleaner, purer water free of bad tastes and odors. This makes face washing and teeth brushing healthier and more enjoyable tasks. Here are our best brands for undersink filters, so check them out!

Shower Filters

Shower filters come as several different types. For example, they can be inline shower filters, adjustable shower filters, and some even come with massages. Also, depending on the types and different brands, the shower filters come with different settings, sprays, speeds, etc. So not only does the shower filter remove unwanted chemicals, odors, and other contaminants, but you also receive a higher level of health and comfort. Check out these brands to see which shower filter is right for you:

If you are looking for better water quality for your bathroom, then Filters-NOW has the filter for you, so check out our water filters and get the best boost for your bath!

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