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Right Fish for You? – Top Aquarium Tip #4

PROBLEM: Many people go to the pet store and just start picking out fish for their new tank like an interior decorator picks out new furniture for a mansion. Often the only criteria is what looks good; i.e. the most colorful fish or the most impressive. Occasionally, their checkbook makes the decisions and only the cheap fish are selected. While there is nothing wrong with desiring the nicest-looking fish for your aquarium, or simply being economical, there is often very little thought given to the long term “big picture.” Can your tank really hold that many fish? Will that fish outgrow the...
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Top Tip for Keeping Aquariums Clean #3

Perform Routine Water Changes! PROBLEM: For some reason I cannot fathom, people just do not want to stick their hands in their fish tank! Now yeah, I admit that this is the water that your fish do their “business,” but seriously, it’s not as if you cannot wash your hands afterward. There is this wonderful invention called soap! But anyway, doing water changes very infrequently (or never!) is a one of the most common causes for having a filthy aquarium. ISSUES: No matter how effective and superior the filter is, the quality of the water in your aquarium will still gradually decrease...
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